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Friday 27 September 2019
  • Of Biscuits and Bayeux

    Friday 27 September 2019   -  at Various

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    Friday 27th September 2019 – Of Biscuits and Bayeux.

    Depart Milford about 8.45am. Depart Henley 5.30pm. Cost £46.00.

    We head to Reading to visit the restored ruins of Reading Abbey. We discover Oscar Wilde’s Chestnut Walk alongside the old wall of Reading Gaol. We visit the Huntley & Palmer gallery in the museum and view a faithful replica of the Bayeux Tapestry, made by 35 skilled Victorian embroiderers. In the afternoon we board a pleasure boat for a cruise through Sonning to Henley, Queen of the Thames. Refreshments and lunch not included.

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  • Lunch Club 1

    Friday 27 September 2019  12:30pm - 03:00pm at Various

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    We meet: 4th (Last) Fri 12:30 at various locations. We have had eight happy meetings and eatings each season. Every time the lunch is assessed anonymously by each participant under eight headings: Convenience, Appearance, Atmosphere, Menu, Efficiency, Quality, Value, Experience. Previously The Donkey, with an astonishingly high rating of 95% of absolute satisfaction, came out in front of a White Stag and two White Horses. Next season a further eight establishments, each put forward by a member of the Club, will be sampled.

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