Members' Achievements

Several of our members have had their work published. Are there others? Please let me know.

Members with published work — Congratulations and well done.

Lillian King runs our Photography Outdoors group.

Her brilliant photo of a bee-eater was on the cover of the Lonely Planet Traveller magazine April 2017 issue.

Gerry Atfieldis a member of the Photography Outdoors group. His photograph of a grey heron was published in the September issue of the Lonely Planet Traveller magazine.

Elisabeth Parry was Soprano Soloist with the Staff Band of the Royal Army Medical Corps, singing in hundreds of variety shows and classical concerts until the war ended. They toured Britain and the Middle East as 'Thirty men and a Girl'.

Clare Windsor has published a Book of Cryptic Crosswords under the name Castila. Her crosswords have been published by the Independent and she regularly contributes to the subscription crossword magazine 1 Across.  For more information contact Clare.