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Digital Art with Gimp

Gimp is a collection of tools for making and modifying digital images. Some tools are more useful than others. In the same way an artist may choose different brushes and paints, it is the skill with which these tools are used that produces a work of art.  Digital art is now firmly established as a medium as you can see here Victoria and Albert Museum The world's leading museum of art and design  Digital art is all around us, from CGI in films to pop-ups on your computer screen.  Now you can join in, without getting your hands dirty!

There are many other artists on line:
















Although Gimp is often used to enhance digital photos, it is capable of so much more.  There is no one button to press to cure all photographic problems so some skill is necessary.  The more you use Gimp the better your final results are likely to be.Here are two examples of photos I have modified using Gimp:


Left. An underexposed jpeg image of Janet's Foss, North Yorkshire,

Middle. Exposure improved using Gimp.

Right. Gimp used to "import sky" from Western Australia ( Just for the day! ).


 More Gimp Magic, making a Christmas Card - Yes they are the same picture!

GIMP is a freely distributed program for general image editing, similar to Photoshop. It is available for the Linux, Mac and Microsoft operating systems.

I am producing a series of short help videos which I hope you may find useful.

 Using GIMP: Starting Gimp for the First Time



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Using GIMP: Starting Gimp for the First Time

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