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Using GIMP: Layer Masks

Layers and Layer Masks are my most used tools.  When modifying an image, making a duplicate of the original enables an instant comparison of changes.  Unlike many photo viewers the layers zoom and pan together making comparison easy.  Layer Masks enable selective blending of different images.  These could be different exposures...
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Using GIMP: Starting Gimp for the First Time

Starting GIMP for the First Time Starting Gimp for the first time presents you with an array of windows here is how to make sence of them.
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Using Gimp: Image basics

 Understanding how an image is constructed in Gimp can help when using the various tools.  In this video I introduce you to the Canvas, Layers and the Foreground and Background Colours.
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Using Gimp: The Select Tools

The select tools are used to define enclosed areas of the active layer so they can be manipulated without the unselected regions being changed. There are two types of tools:-1. Tools which you Manually define the area. These are Rectangle, Ellipse and Free Select Tools.2. Tools which have some intelligence and...
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Using Gimp: Saving your work

In this short Gimp help video I show you how to save your work.  The difference between "Save" in Gimp XCF format and "Export" in other file formats is shown, in particular Jpeg settings are explored.
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