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Making Christmas Cards with Gimp

At our last Gimp meeting  we looked at possible techniques for converting photographs to pictures suitable for Christmas cards.  The tools I use have been described in my previous blogs and I would recommend having a look at them if you are not familiar with their use.The main ones are Layer Masks and the Select Tools

 Many Christmas cards are snow scenes so here are a few suggestions for converting your summer photos to winter snow!  Not all photos will respond in the same way so you may have to experiment to find the best method for yours, or invent a new one.  Have fun!  Thanks to Graeme for the photo of Machu Picchu.

The first video uses the Threshold tool ( Colours >Threshold ) to make a black and white copy of the original image. Then, using a layer mask, put the "laying snow" into the original picture. 

 This video uses the Colour Select tool to select areas where snow may lay then Bucket Fill them with "White snow"

 The final video uses a Noise tool ( Filters >Noise >HSV Noise ) to give the effect of falling snow flakes.


GIMP : Making a Star Brush
Rambling 2 – November-18

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