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Hallelujah! What a Savior!



On Palm Sunday afternoon at Godalming United Church, Milford U3A Singing for Fun Group put on a performance of Hallelujah! What a Savior! (No - it’s not a spelling mistake! - it’s American).

 Oh yeah - what a wonderful sound! What a fantastic compilation to sing, or to just sit back and listen. It left a lot of ‘earworms’, I can tell you. One lady in the audience afterwards said, in all her 90 years on this earth, she’d never heard such beautiful music.

Out of the 72 singers “on our books”, 51 took part and there were probably another dozen or so in the audience who were not well enough to sing, but didn’t want to miss it.

 How could it fail? With music edited by Lloyd Larson and compositions by top US modern composers, it was a guaranteed success. And that’s exactly what it was - breathtaking - and it took us through the Easter story, with wonderful narrations to match the music.

If you missed it, then make sure you come to the Millmead Centre, Guildford, on Wednesday 26th June - we will be joining the singers of Guildford U3A for “The Sound of Musicals”, when we’ll be singing songs from stage and screen. And then, of course, there’ll be our own event at Christmas.

 Hope to see ya at both!

Wayne Richardson





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