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Using Gimp: Adding Text

Using the Text Tool in gimp can be confusing at first but when you understand the basics it is easy
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Using Gimp: The Clone Tools

There are three clone tools in Gimp.  Clone which copies one area directly to another in the image. Heal, similar to clone but attempts to blend the colour of the cloned area to the surroundings in which it is placed. Perspective Clone changes the size and shape of the cloned area to match...
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Using Gimp: Removing Background Clutter

Often images are spoiled by clutter in the background.  Here is one method to overcome the problem.
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Using Gimp: Blurring the Background using the Scissor Tool

Often it is useful to have the background of an image out of focus so that the subject is more prominent.  This is generally possible in Gimp, here is one method using the Scissor tool.   Removing the Halo Effect
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