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GIMP : Making a Star Brush

When using brushes in Gimp it is often useful to modify their size and shape.  However when trying to make a star shape for a Christmas card I discovered not all the properties of the original Star shaped brush could be edited.  To overcome this problem I first selecting the original Star Brush then made a copy of it - you can then modify the copy!

Open the Brushes Dialogue :-  Go to  Windows > Dockable Dialogues > Brushes   1. select the Star Brush then at the bottom of the window   2. click the "Duplicate this brush" symbol.


This should open the Brush Editor :-

You can now edit the values to get what you want, I chose:-

Radius ( length of a spike) =50
Spikes (number of) = 4
Hardness (how fuzzy it is 0=very 1= sharp edged) =1
Aspect Ratio ( Radius / width at base of spike) =15
Angle ( Rotation ) =0
Spacing ( Radial? distance between stars when you click, hold and draw a line of stars) =75  i.e. they overlap horizontally by 25 ( Radius - Spacing )

If you want to get rid of the stepped edge of the "spike" try making it Fuzzy Hardness 0.9? - OR More pixels Radius 150 + say

You can also use a fuzzy round brush to soften the centre of the star
Don't forget to select the Foreground Colour when you paint with the brush.

You can do lots of other things like saving pre-sets but I'm not very familiar with that yet - perhaps we will talk about that next meeting.

Gimp 2.10 users
Making Christmas Cards with Gimp

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