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Friday Talk: Roses - all about Roses

Photo: Bob Fearnley

On Friday 12th Oct 54 members attended the talk given by Jacqueline Aviolet on "Roses-all about roses". The talk started with a history of the rose family, with many of the types we know today being created by grafting the many types of wild rose found in Asia and America onto the two native British species the Dog rose and Field rose. A consequence of their origin is that roses are used to cold winters and dry summers, and will survive even if they do not flower in extremely dry weather. After describing the different types of roses, the speaker used the questions she had already received to give practical advice associated with the pruning different types of roses, how to minimise mildew and black spot, and what sort of soil roses favour. There was also a practical demonstration of how to take cuttings- blunt cut at the base and angled at the tip, with many members of the audience walking away with a sample.

John Oakey - Chairman

Rambling 2 - October-18
Walk at Farnham Heath


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