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Crop and improve your photos with Gimp

Crop and improve your photos with Gimp - learn with the Milford Gimp group

You have probably heard of images being "Photoshopped" or of people using Photoshop to improve their photographs, but have you heard of Gimp, a program that can do everything that Photoshop can do. The added advantage is that Gimp is Free!

Gimp is software that runs on Windows, Mac and Linux computers. It's main use is probably editing photos but it can do far more that that, posters, graphics for webpages, it can even create cartoon animations.

The Milford Gimp group meets with the prime objective of helping the members improve their photographs. You know the sort of thing:

  • An otherwise good image is wrongly exposed and too dark
  • A good image is spoiled due to too much dead background on one side
  • Scanned old black & white or sepia images have tears, black or white spots and scratches

Well Gimp can help you correct all these and much more.

Below are some before and after images that have been improved using the techniques and tricks we learned last year, You need to scroll down to see the before and after versions.   This year we hope to take those techniques further and learn about some new ones. If you would like to learn to improve your photos then come along and join us - beginners Welcome!


Badly exposed, dark image taken without checking camera settings.


Image cropped for more impact. The distracting foreground and background tree cropped out.


Colour correction of an image. Taken through a shop window that was illuminated by strong artificial light.


Image taken in Death Valley through a windscreen with lots of dirty marks. The marks, window frame and wiper blades were removed.


An image improved by the removal of an annoying background. The rear half of the second duck did nothing to improve the image!


With practice, even foreground annoyances can be eliminated. I liked the contrast of new and old boats but the car really ruined the shot.


Getting really creative.  I had an opportunity to enter a competition with the title 'Surreal' and I created this image using three photos: The building, the policeman and the Ardman penguin.  All taken in Bristol during an LGBT weekend.


Walk at Farnham Heath
Pagham Harbour 12 September 2018

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