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Blogs in a Nutshell

Blog In Nutshell

What is a Blog?

A blog is short for web log and is a collection of posts (articles) containing reports, media (photos, videos and pdfs), links, etc. shared with others online. Frequently it's a type of website or (as in our case) part of a website.

Our blog is mainly for group leaders to share reports and photos of their activities and to showcase some of their group’s work. Some groups also use the blog for supplemantary meterial to their group meetings.

Registered Users and Subscribers: What’s the Difference?

Registered Users

When you register (register is the same as sign-up) on our website, you become a Registered User. This will allow you to comment on blog posts and to subscribe to topics (categories) or authors. We may also add other privileges at a later stage. Registration is only available to current members of Milford & District U3A.


When you are a Registered User you can subscribe to a topic (category) or an author.  When you subscribe to a topic or an author you will receive email alerts each time there is an update on the topic or a new post from the author.

Why should I bother subscribing?

There are many advantages to subscribing to your favourite blog topic or author:

  • It saves you time. Instead of needing to check if there are any new posts or photos, you will be told via email when there is something new to see.
  • You won't miss any updates. It's easy to miss some posts if you don't visit a particular blog very often.

How do I view topics to which I have subscribed?

You can view or delete (unsubscribe) your subscriptions by clicking on the cogwheel icon (on the right hand side of the Blog Menu Bar) and selecting Manage Subscriptions.


What is the difference between a Category and a Tag?

The list of categories is like the table of contents in a book and the tags the blook's index.


A blog category relates to a particular topic. Posts related to that topic will be found within it.

Using categories, we can organise our posts to group them by related topic or theme. In our case, the category is usually related to a specific U3A group and managed by the leader of that group. Registered users can subscribe to the categories they are interested in (for example, the groups they belong to).


A tag is another way of classifying a blog post. It is a word or set of words (keywords or keyword phrases) that help define what a post is about. For example, this post may contain the following the tags: blogging terms, blogging glossary, blog terminology, blogging descriptions, and so on.


A post is an article within a blog and it can be on any topic.  It's the collection of posts that form the basis of a blog. To help our users find what they are interested in, we try to assign a post to a category and to add the relevant tags.

What is the difference between a Blogger and an Author?

The person who writes for a blog is referred to as a blogger and the act of writing for the blog is known as blogging.

The Author is the name of the person who wrote a blog post. This is usually a Group Leader. You can subscribe to an author to be notified of new content from them.

What is an Avatar?

This is a photo, graphic or image that identifies contributers across blogs and social-networking sites. This is not required nor used by all, and is sometimes displayed within the profile or comment sections.

What is a Team Blog

This is a blog written by a team of writers. More than one person contributes to the blog content by writing posts. We have set up a Team Blog for things that are not related to a particular U3A group.

What are Archives?

They are a collection of previous blog posts that are no longer shown in the main lists.


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