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Creative Mixed Media Art - June 2019

Throughout the year our group have explored ways of combining different media in a variety of ways. We have experimented with paint, pencil, ink, charcoal, pastel, collage, clay, textiles and a range of materials and techniques to produce 2d and 3d figurative and abstract artwork. It has been a lot of...
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Using Gimp - More Fun with Brushes

As our last meeting was short, due to the lack of heating, here are a few brief notes on making your own brushes.  Most Gimp users have used the Brush Tool at some time but most of us have never explored its full potential.  Any image can be converted into a...
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Creative Mixed Media Art - into 2019 - recent work

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Gimp 2.10 users

Gimp 2.10 as first installed looks totally different from Gimp 2.8 but don't panic, the difference you see is largely cosmetic. Gimp 2.10 when first opened :- It looks nothing like Gimp 2.8 that I have used in my videos :- However with a few simple tweaks it can look like...
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GIMP : Making a Star Brush

When using brushes in Gimp it is often useful to modify their size and shape.  However when trying to make a star shape for a Christmas card I discovered not all the properties of the original Star shaped brush could be edited.  To overcome this problem I first selecting the original...
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