Birdwatching 1 Blog

Our first meeting was at Pagham Harbour when nine of us, including three new members, met at the RSPB centre at Sidlesham Ferry. As usual, it was a beautiful, sunny morning.

Only four of us went out for Nightjars on the 19th but I’m sorry to tell the rest of you that you missed a truly amazing evening.

Only seven of us met for the last session of the season, on a beautiful warm and sunny morning. 

It was a cold grey morning, with a strong westerly wind, when a full house of ten of us met at the Moat. Our main object was to find Dartford Warblers for the three members who had never seen them and we assured them that these birds would be in almost every gorse bush.


The weather forecast for the day was rain which put off some members. And sure enough it rained all the time on the drive there but as we arrived it miraculously stopped and we never had a drop more all morning although it was overcast most of the time.