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Available by post, via email and download*

The Milford U3A distributes a newsletter together with the new programme once a year, usually in July. One copy is sent to each address on the membership list (ie if there are 2 members having the same address only one copy will be sent there). We also produce a couple of bulletins. There are over 400 addresses on the list. The cost (postage) to the branch is significant as well as the labour of putting 400 plus copies of the bulletins in envelopes, attaching address lables and stamps.

We will always send the annual newsletter and programme by post but we are offering members the opportunity to receive our Milford and District U3A bulletins by e-mail. As the cost of envelopes and postage is significant, there is a cost benefit when this option is taken up by members.

The bulletin will be in the pdf format, a popular way of distributing documents on the Internet. It probable that your machine will already have a copy of Adobe Reader to open this document, but if this is not the case this you can get the free programme from the Adobe site.

After opening the newsletter in this way you can either read it on the screen, print it or save it.

From time to time the branch committee receive details of activities which may be of interest, but are occurring before the next bulletin is distributed. This information may be distributed in the same way. This additional distribution will only occur 2 or 3 times a year.

Click here to Join the List. Please include your membership number if you want to receive the bulletins by email.

If you have any further questions please email the U3A List moderator.

The November 2016 Bulletin pdf format is now available for download.
You can also download the Spring 2017 Outings pdf format booking form.

*If you don't have a pdf reader you can get it from Adobe

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